Major Three-County News Outlet

The Valley Tribune is a successor to The Quitaque Tribune, which was established at Quitaque in 1960 and is published every Tuesday at Quitaque, Texas 79255. The Valley Tribune serves the three-county area of Briscoe, Hall and Motley counties.

Subscription and Ad Rates

The Valley Tribune annual subscription rates are $25 for Briscoe, Hall and Motley counties, but only $20 per year for those over age 65 in Briscoe, Hall and Motley counties. Elsewhere in the United States (except Hawaii and Alaska) the yearly subscription is $30. To subscribe, click here, or mail your check to The Valley Tribune, P.O. Box 478, Quitaque, Texas 79255.

The Valley Tribune's display, classified, and insertion advertising rates are very reasonable. Click here for the current rate card.

As a current member of both the Texas Press Association and the West Texas Press Association, the newspaper upholds the highest standards of journalism. The Valley Tribune is a major news outlet for the three-county area it serves. According to 2010 census figures the three counties combined have a population of 7,143.

The office of The Valley Tribune is located at 309 West Main & Hwy 86 in Quitaque. The owners and publishers are Johnny and Laura Griffin and Laura Griffin is Editor.